Hello, and welcome to Marissa's Fit Boutique. We are so excited you're here! Congratulations - you have made the first step to starting your health, fitness and wellness journey.

Marissa Armstrong is a leader in the world of fitness and health. With over seven years of experience in personal training and exercise science, she has confidently led hundreds of individuals to achieve and maintain their health and wellness goals.

Marissa lives by the motto "confidence is the key to the lock of success." She works hard with each and every client, both in-person and virtually, to ensure they are successfully and confidently meeting their health and wellness goals, whether it be through personal training, nutrition, mind and body, or a little bit of everything.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Marissa fell in love with fitness at a young age as a dancer and an athlete. Vocational training in health and fitness technology during high school paved the way to continue her education at Montclair State University, with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. 

While going to school, Marissa became a certified personal trainer, competed in power-lifting competitions and four National Physique Committee (NPC) bikini competitions, and taught numerous group exercise classes at the university gym. She later went on to helping clients in commercial gyms, post-rehab hospital gyms, and managing the gym of a high-end wellness center.

These experiences laid the foundation of Marissa's Fit Boutique. This unique gym is more than just a work out with a skilled personal trainer; it is a total-body wellness experience, promising to encompass all parts of an individual's physical, mental and spiritual health needs.


  • Bachelor of Science in kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science

  • CPR certified  

  • 8 years as fitness specialist

  • Post-rehab fitness

  • Powerlifting training

  • NPC bikini competitions and various bodybuilding programming

  • Teen and young adult athlete personal training



Alexis Proell is currently a full-time student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, majoring in kinesiology, with an emphasis in strength and conditioning. In the future, she hopes to work in the NFL as an athletic trainer after completing an athletic training graduate program. Alexis is a certified personal trainer and works part-time at Marissa's Fit Boutique. Alexis is great at making all clients feel comfortable while pushing them to do their best.