Many personal trainers will try to sell you on short-term weight loss solutions or programs that do not match your physique goals. We are much different here at Marissa's Fit Boutique.

We believe in approaching fitness from a holistic level.  Nutrition, mind, body and spirit are all connected. 

We are committed to using the most updated scientific research to bring the most advanced fitness techniques to your programs.

We seek highly studied nutrition methods to implement into my clients diet recommendations. 

There is a lot of research that goes into recommending proper diet and exercise plans based on blood work, hormones, and genetic predispositions.  

Fortunately, we believe in customizing a well-rounded, enjoyable program based on all of these important factors.


Our mission is to provide an uplifting, private environment where clients can learn to take ownership of their own health. We educate and empower people on holistic fitness, nutrition and mindset to achieve balanced health results.