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Tuesday’s & Thursday’s

6:15pm- 7:00pm

Whats Included:

Kickoff Orientation Session

Individualized Fitness Programming

Twice- Weekly Small Group Training

Ongoing Support & Education

What will I learn?

How to perform a correct squat + different progressions
How to strengthen your back to improve posture
How to perform the basic dead-lift, so you will NEVER hurt your back again by picking up a heavy item incorrectly
How to strengthen your "push muscles" such as your chest, shoulders, and back of the arms (triceps)
How to engage your core, and details about what that actual means
How to strengthen your core (abdomen + low back) to reduce back pain
How to perform exercises in a way that is appropriate for you and your bodies needs!


This program is NOT a class. NOT a boot-camp. NOT high-intensity.

This program is designed for the woman who wants to take better care of her body but just does not know where to start.

If you once exercised years and years ago and then had to stop for a long period of time due to lack of interest or an injury...
This program is for you.

If you never exercised a day in your life but would like to start improving your health now...
This program is for you.

If you hate going to big box commercial gyms because you feel uncomfortable working out in front of a lot of people...
This program is for you.

If you've started different health and fitness programs in the past but didn't have the ongoing positive support around you...
This program is for you.

If you've neglected or even rejected your body for years and is tired of having a negative attitude towards yourself...
This program is for you.

Are you ready to improve your health in an encouraging space?

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Step One Fitness Starter Program Comments

"Before the Step One Program, I felt like I had no energy and was achy all over."

"What I really enjoyed about the program was that you meet us where we are at and yet pushed us more each time to keep us moving forward."

"Some of the most interesting things I learned in the past 6-weeks were about the liver and it's role in decreasing body fat. Also how the limited mobility of my feet can affect my entire body!"

"After the 6-weeks I am confident with performing exercises. I plan on continuing to build this confidence with Marissa as we keep working together."